Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers may be small in size but they are big on personality. In fact most Yorkies seem oblivious to their small size and are just as energetic and fun-loving as a much larger breed of dog. They absolutely love attention and affection but they also have a more stubborn and bold side to their … Read more Yorkshire Terrier

Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever breed is strong, medium to large built with a broad skull. The appearance of retrievers is most likely similar with each other. They have medium to large dark brown eyes, scissors-like teeth, black or brownish black nose, and relatively short ears hanging down close to its ears. Primarily, the retriever has a … Read more Golden Retriever


Beagle Training can start from the moment you fall in love with your puppy and take them home for the first time. Beagles are a superior and very intellectual breed of dog which have been around for over 2 millennium. Very minimal health issues and a fantastic demeanor make them a spectacular choice of dog. … Read more Beagle


So, do you want an enormous dog? If so, you should consider a mastiff. But, as with all huge dogs, if you don’t start with the right mastiff training, your dog will never be more than a enormous, slobbering uncontrollable slab of muscle. Mastiff training should be your main concern as soon as you bring … Read more Mastiff

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer (pronounced as Miniature SCHNOW-zer) is a compact robust dog. It is naturally small in size, has whiskers, shaggy beard, and arched spiking eyebrows. This squarely proportioned breed also has long mustache that is regularly sheared to play up with its figure. It has a firm sinewy hair coat. Its hair coat colors … Read more Miniature Schnauzer


The sweet, playful expression of the Havanese has caught your eye. You are hooked by their fluffy fur and affection. You excitedly scope the classifieds and internet for a Havanese breeder. You can’t wait to bring home a new puppy today! Slow down. Take a moment and breath. Don’t be too quick with your decision. … Read more Havanese

French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a rather muscular and compact breed of dog, and although the name may suggest otherwise, this bulldog originates from England. With a cute and pug-like appearance that boasts a solid bone structure and a flat muzzle, the French bulldog was originally bred as the Artisans of England did not like the … Read more French Bulldog


Dachshund Pups are known by many nicknames, including “Wiener Dogs”, “Sausage Dogs”, “Doxies”, or “Worshonds”. Dachshund pups are known for their long backs and short legs, which many people relate to a wiener sausage or hot dog. It is very important for you to understand how to train Dachshund pups, which requires that you become … Read more Daschund