Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever breed is strong, medium to large built with a broad skull. The appearance of retrievers is most likely similar with each other. They have medium to large dark brown eyes, scissors-like teeth, black or brownish black nose, and relatively short ears hanging down close to its ears. Primarily, the retriever has a feathery double coated skin which protects them from different kinds of weather.

Normally the undercoats, the tail and back of the legs have thick hairs. Trimming is not necessary since shedding comes naturally when the hot season comes. However, frequent brushing is essential to eliminate too much shedding during the summer.

Proper grooming must also be conspicuously observed by the golden retriever dog breeders when raising these kinds of dogs. You may use a quality firm bristle brush in combing them paying careful attention to its dense undercoat. Daily bathing of your golden retriever is not necessary, but dry shampooing should be done regularly.

The appearance of your retriever is not the only beautiful thing about them but also its traits. Apparently, pet lovers admire the retriever breed because of its intelligence and obedience. More than that, they possess a lovable, energetic and exuberant quality towards other dogs as well as with children. They interact dynamically with human beings and are very accommodating companions.

Because of its inherent obedience, training becomes easy thus making them excel in competitions. What retriever dog breeders admire about them also is their being an excellent watchdog. Bellows when they see unfamiliar faces or strangers that approaches your premise. However, they are also friendly to everyone he knows including other dogs. One thing should be diligently observed though when having a golden retriever at home – they do not react well when left alone for quite some time.

They need to be around people most of the time. To keep them calm and lovable, daily physical and mental exercise must be imparted to them. Moreover, the retriever can be remarkable in many ways if training is persistently given to them. They possess the natural ability of agility, narcotics detection, retrieving, competition, as well as trick performance.

Retriever dog’s weight ranges from 60 to 80 pounds while the female dog weighs 55 to 70 pounds. Height also varies from 58 to 61 centimeters while the female dog weighs 51 to 56 centimeters. The life expectancy of a golden retriever is normally about ten to twelve years.

Exercising them daily is a must. It does not only keep them healthy but exercise can be one way of training your dogs. Let them run beside you when you are also doing your daily brisk walk. Make a remarkable distinction that you are leading the way and not the other way around. It will instill that leadership comes from the human beings. Other activities you may include in your daily exercise is retrieving balls and other toys, your golden retriever breed just loves human interaction.

How did Golden retriever emanate? Lord Tweedmouth started breeding golden retrievers way back in the 18th century. He started to crossed-breed a yellow flat-coated retriever with the now extinct tweed water Spaniel. Then he again performed a breeding with a bloodhound, Irish Setter, and the more tweed water Spaniel.

The dogs were back then called as the “golden flat-coat” and were later on changed to golden retriever. Gradually it’s popularity grew and is today considered as one of the most popular dog breeds. The retriever breeds were first recognized in 1925 by the AKC.

Having a retriever around your abode is indeed secure and incredibly enjoyable. So do not miss the opportunity of acquiring one for your family. There are golden retriever breed puppies for sale even on the net. All you need to do is browse for adds that sells golden retriever dogs. But do your home-work well before adopting.

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